7 SKIN SINS you must stop doing ASAP

With today's fast-paced lifestyles, some people are just too busy to even think about caring for their skin. To them, it is not a necessity but a luxury. By not prioritizing their skin health, unknowingly, they are committing 'skin sins'. read more

With today's fast-paced lifestyles, some people are just too busy to even think about caring for their skin. To them, it is not a necessity but a luxury. By not prioritizing their skin health, unknowingly, they are committing 'skin sins'.

In the recent years, there has been emphasis on holistic health. People have come to understand that holistic health includes ALL parts of the body --- SKIN included. Now, more than ever, there is an abundance of skin care products in the market.

Let's talk about skin health. To get healthy & glowing skin, one must go beyond matters that are just 'skin-deep'. Healthy skin is a result of a combination of healthy habits, eating the proper food and getting enough rest. However, there are still some 'skin sins' that we just can't shake off.

We here at Niniko have decided to list down some of the most common 'skin sins' that we DO (or DON'T do) to damage our skin:

Skin Sins Infographic

1. Not knowing your Skin Type

Spend some time to know if you have normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. This is key because knowing your skin type allows you to take better care of it. It saves you from the cost & trouble of buying products that are wrong for your skin type.

If you know your skin well & the problems your skin is prone to, you can zero in on specific products & ingredients that will make your skin better.

2. Skipping SPF

We can't say this enough. SUNBLOCK should be an ESSENTIAL part of your everyday beauty routine. Wearing sunblock is not just for those days out on the beach. You are exposed to UV rays even when you're indoors. Having electronic gadgets around you increases your exposure to harmful rays. That said, your everyday sunscreen should at least have SPF30. If you're not big on layering products, make sure that your BB cream or foundation comes with SPF30 or higher. This will be enough to protect your skin from those damaging rays from morning till night.

3. Sleeping with makeup on / Not cleansing your face before you sleep

You've been guilty of this one for sure! With your hectic schedules, there are nights when you're just too tired that you instantly doze off as you hit the sheets. Sleeping without cleansing your face clogs your pores making your skin vulnerable to blackheads & pimples.

4. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes & Sponges

This is probably the most disgusting among the 'skin sins' on our list. Old makeup, sweat, oil, dust & bacteria get trapped in your dirty makeup tools. Using them can give you blemishes or worse, skin infections. Dermatologists recommend that we wash our brushes & sponges daily. Think it's too much? Not a problem. Here's a hack for you. Invest in a brush cleaning spray and spritz it on your brushes before you do your makeup. At the end of the week, wash your brushes. For your weekly wash, doctors recommend dipping your brushes in warm, soapy water. Use shampoo or mild soap to make a rich lather. This loosens old makeup, sweat & dirt. Rinse well. Blot out the excess water with a clean towel. Lay your brushes flat on a fresh towel to dry overnight.

5. Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body. Too much alcohol in your system strips your body of vital nutrients. It ages your cells because makes your skin dry & prone to wrinkles. So before you reach for another glass of wine or another beer, think again, is it worth it?

6. Not drinking enough water

Water is still, hands down, the best drink to keep your skin in tiptop shape. Your skin needs to be nourished from the inside before it can look beautiful on the outside. Water delivers the nutrients your body needs to keep your skin hydrated & healthy.

7. Popping your pimples

There are things that are best left to the pros. Trying to get rid of stubborn acne & blemishes using your hands is probably the most serious crime among the 'skin sins'. You might be tempted to pop a zit but don't you know that pricking a pimple can cause bacteria to spread to other pores, resulting in more pimples? If you have persistent acne that just won't quit, it's time to pay your dermatologist a visit. Improper treatment of pimples would lead to redness, inflammation or worse, acne scars, which is another problem in itself. Are you really willing to take that risk? Read more about our post on fading acne scars here: How to Fade Acne Scars the K-Beauty Way

There goes our list. So, which among these skin sins are you most guilty of?

We hope this reminds you of things that you stop doing to keep your skin youthful & healthy well into your 90s. Stay pretty! =)