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Skinfood Wedge Puff

Skinfood Wedge Puff
4 pcs

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Covers pores, blemishes & uneven skin tone. Your skin looks naturally flawless.
  • Applying Liquid Foundation
  • Applying Concealer
  • Applying Powder
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Covers blemishes & dark spots. Your skin looks even, smooth and radiant!
  • Step 10: Makeup + Sunscreen?
  • Wrinkle Prevention
  • Blemishes & Post-acne Marks
  • Dark Spots
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Sun Protection SPF 42

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Product details

Now you can have naturally flawless skin all day long! Perfect for that ‘no-makeup’ look.

The Skinfood Wedge Puff is the perfect makeup tool for impeccable makeup looks. Helps you precisely apply your makeup.

Pores, blemishes & uneven skin tone are covered. Your skin feels soft, smooth & fresh.

The Skinfood Wedge Puff has these notable features: 1) its wedge shape allows you to easily apply powder, foundation or concealer 2) the soft sponge allows you to smoothly apply the product.

The Skinfood Wedge Puff comes in a clear plastic bag with 4 sponges. Each sponge has 6 sides that are designed to apply makeup on the different parts of your face. The Skinfood Wedge Puff's handy size makes it perfect when you are on-the-go. Your makeup looks super smooth & is never cakey.

How to use
  1. ​Before applying makeup use a cleanser, toner & moisturizer.
  2. Use the Skinfood Wedge Puff to apply your primer, foundation, powder or concealer.
  3. Pat the product gently in circular motions on your desired area.
About Skinfood

“You are what you eat. Healthy skin starts with food.” – Skinfood

It is Skinfood's unique blend of fruits, vegetables and grains that make their products effective and unique – you'll love the healthy, radiant & beautiful skin you will get. Skinfood only uses the highest quality food ingredients across the world to ensure best results. Eco-friendly and sustainable growing methods are an important part of their philosophy.

Covers pores, blemishes & uneven skin tone. Your skin looks naturally flawless.
Skin Type
For all skin types.
Ideal for
  • Applying Liquid Foundation
  • Applying Concealer
  • Applying Powder

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